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Leon Bridges On Suits, Soul, and the History Behind His Style

Written by Live Nation Staff • June 10, 2016

When it comes to personal style, few wear it better than Leon Bridges. The Texas soul singer loves '50s and '60s fashion, but for him it's not just about looking good—it's a way of paying tribute to those who came before him. In this episode of Stylings, Bridges calls out groups like the Dapper Rebels of Los Angeles, who used clothes as a source of empowerment during the racially tense mid-'60s in South Central L.A. "It was just insane to see a photo of these young black dudes and they're all bossed up to the nines," Bridges says. "I want to really honor and carry on the heritage."

Together with his stylist Mac Huelster, Bridges aims for a mix of classic and contemporary, with nods to his Fort Worth, TX roots. "I'll try to bring in the country vibe," he says. "Johnny Cash, Sammy Davis Jr., and James Brown for some of the flashier stuff."

Follow Bridges and Huelster as they shop for vintage pieces and attempt to capture the singer's dynamic duality on and off-stage. "I sometimes forget that he is 26," laughs Huelster. "You look at him and he's done up and you hear his music and it sounds like it's from the '50s, and then he'll put on Fetty Wap."

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