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Stylings: Comfort, Music, and Charlie Puth

Written by Live Nation Staff • June 21, 2016

"Ten outfits might look great, but finding the one that the artist feels the best in is the one that's gonna be the most successful," says stylist Michael Comrie, who has been working with pianist Charlie Puth for the better part of a year as his sartorial point-person for performances, red carpet events, and shoots. As it turns out, Puth feels most at home in ensembles inspired by icons like James Dean, Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood. "Just like when he look back at these guys' photos we wanna say, 'Damn, dude looked good. He always looked like himself.'"

In this episode of Stylings, we follow Puth and stylist Comrie around Los Angeles as the duo prepare an ensemble for Puth's performance at the Fonda Theatre. "I like waking up and not figuring out what I have to wear because I have music on my mind all the time," says Puth. Watch the episode above.