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From the Road

One Big Family: From The Road With Robin Thicke and His Band

Written by Live Nation Staff • February 17, 2016

For Robin Thicke, having one of the best-selling singles of all time—and the longest running one of 2013 (you know the one)—was almost accidental. "I've been lucky enough to make music my whole life, however I've never made music to play on the radio or to appeal to a certain fanbase," says Thicke. "I just make the music that I want to hear."

Thanks in part to Thicke's incredible live band, he's done that for over a decade. In this episode of From the Road, Thicke's band members emerge from behind the scenes to tell their stories. In between concerts in Baltimore and Boston, Thicke put the spotlight on the guys he spends most of his time with, his "brothers." "We've been playing together for so long, it's really second nature," he says.

Here, Thicke and his band talk their history, the origin of their free chicken dinner shows, and how they let loose. Watch the full episode of From the Road: Robin Thicke above and grab tickets to his next shows here.