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Anatomy Of A Show

Anatomy of a Show: Big Grams and the Intersection of Art and Technology

Written by Live Nation Staff • March 24, 2016

It's an important night for Big Grams. It's their second performance as a band and the excitement is palpable. The brainchild of rapper Big Boi and Phantogram's Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, released their self-titled EP in the fall of 2015 and knew that they wanted technology to play a major role in their live shows. "We want the person that's there in the room to feel like they're going on a trip," explained Big Boi.

In this episode of Anatomy of a Show, LNTV follows Big Grams as they prepare for their performance at NYC's Irving Plaza. With the goal of creating an unforgettable live experience, the band implemented interactive human motion video synthesizer technology—each member stands in front of a giant screen that mimics their motions and broadcasts it to the audience as a design, varying from song to song, displaying psychedelic images to match the setlist. As Barthel sings the opening chords to Big Grams' single "Fell in the Sun" the screen behind her projects her slowly burning silhouette.

"You've got to depend on other people to understand your vision. They're doing this all in code, but it's visual and it's their art," she explains. "Technology is moving so fast and to be able to maintain that and always be one step ahead, it defines us as artists."

Watch the full episode of Big Grams: Anatomy of a Show above.