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Miguel & His Family Jam In the Wild In New 'Earthworks' Trailer

Written by Emilee Lindner • June 6, 2017

The second episode of Live Nation's Earthworks series, produced in conjunction with Viceland, will arrive on Friday (June 9). But  thanks to the new trailer, you don't have to wait to get a glimpse at what you can expect from Miguel episode of the documentary-style show, which brings nature and music together.

In Friday's episode, coming June 9 to Live Nation's YouTube channel as well as Viceland TV at 11p ET,  Miguel takes his father and brother to the Mexico wilderness -- woods, volcanos -- to make music together. Miguel's father is the one that turned him onto music when he was a little kid, introducing in him to funk, classic rock, hip-hop and jazz. His brother, who records under the name, Nonchalant Savant, is just another way the family has made their love of music fruitful. But they never created music together, Miguel says in the Earthworks trailer.

"My brother and my father and I all love music," Miguel says. "Growing up, there was music around all the time, but we never really played together, practiced together, like this ever. It actually was really spiritual."

In the clip, you can see images of the familial trio setting up a makeshift session in the middle of a Mexican forest trail, his father cradling a guitar as the two sons sing into microphones. They've also got a set-up among boulders on a lake, in an attempt to harness the power of nature in their recording.

The Miguel episode of Earthworks airs on June 9 on Viceland (check your local listings here), or you can peep the episodes on Live Nation's YouTube channel. So far in the series, we've already seen Animal Collective journey down to the Brazilian rainforest to collect Mother Nature's exotic sounds for their Meeting of the Waters EP. In an upcoming episode, we'll see Local Natives spill about how nature has inspired their music.

Here's the trailer for the entire series: