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Fidlar Talks About Their Risky Studio Space

Written by Live Nation Staff • November 28, 2016

Sometimes, it’s hard to get your creative juices flowing in regular places. The band FIDLAR found a way to combat the difficulty of creating in a regular studio space in the depths of East LA. Renting out a place where the band could write on the walls, they made this open run-down space into a place of art.

“Instead of using like a notebook to write shit, it would all just be on the walls,” Zac Carper explains to LNTV in the video. Between those walls that tell all, R.Kelly memorabilia and a bathroom inspired by The Flaming Lips studio, FIDLAR created a new world for them to create and work in on this new album.

Check out the video above for more on their process and to see how much of a difference a location change can make!