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‘Earthworks’ TV Series Trailer: Watch Miguel, Animal Collective & Local Natives Step Into The Wild

Written by Emilee Lindner • May 23, 2017

Behold, Miguel, Animal Collective, and Local Natives have all stepped into the wild and out of their comfort zones for Earthworks, a new series from Live Nation in partnership with Viceland. Earthworks premieres on June 2, but you can wrap your eyes around the trailer right here. 

The documentary-style series follows the musicians as they explore how nature influences music and how threats to the environment threaten us all. The three groups go out into majestic natural scenes, parks and landmarks around North and South America to absorb the monumentous energy that can only exude from non-manmade atmospheres. Not only do they talk about how nature has affected their work, but they dig into conservation and how we should save the Earth from further destruction.

"There's moments where I can remember looking out into the trees," Miguel says in the trailer for the series. "I remember the sound of the wind rushing by. You just taking in your surrounding and you're like, 'This is real.'"

For the series, Geologist and Avey Tare from Animal Collective traveled down to a Brazilian rainforest to record an entire EP based off forest sounds. Meeting of the Waters was released on April 22 on Record Store Day and features the peeping of frogs, the tweeting of exotic birds and, of course, the rain.

Watch the trailer to see the guys holding a giant snake, and then set a reminder to watch Earthworks on Fridays on Viceland starting on June 2.