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Getting candy from Gwen Stefani & other Halloween dreams

We indulge in some trick-or-treating scenarios

Written by Live Nation Staff • October 26, 2016

What are you planning for Halloween... or the full Hallo-weekend? Going to a raging party? Visiting a haunted house? How about our personal suggestion, catching an awesome live show? No matter what, there’s all kinds of great, spooky stuff to do.

But there’s that one monumental Halloween tradition that kids still get to participate in that we adults had to leave behind. Admit it: just like us, you miss going Trick or Treating. Who wouldn't? Getting all dressed up, joining up with your friends and cavorting around your 'hood begging adults for sugar. Remember the thrill of getting a full-sized candy bar!? Or the crushing blow of the dreaded sunflower seeds packet (or raisins!), even worse... a toothbrush.

All of this got us thinking... hey, what if we could combine stuff we love as adults with the best parts of being a kid? Could we fuse going to a show AND getting free candy? WE CAN IN OUR IMAGINATIONS. This got us started on riveting discussion of what some of our favorite bands and artists would likely hand out to Trick or Treaters. (Provided they didn't live in very large, gated communities with very menacing personal security, naturally.)

Of course, the first rule of Trick or Treat is that you don’t get anything unless you’re in a costume. So throw on a mask, draw on some mouse whiskers, or snap up your superhero cape and join us for a (pun-filled) door-to-door adventure with Drake, Van Halen, Gwen Stefani and more!