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Tour Diary: Rob $tone

Mob up in San Diego with the 1207 Crew

Written by Rosalie Cabison • Photography by Chris Molina, Live Nation • December 26, 2016

Join San Diego rapper Rob $tone for a day in his hometown. From the local taco shop to show time at the House of Blues San Diego, kick it with the 1207 Crew.

After five weeks opening for A$AP Ferg on the Turnt and Burnt Tour, Rob $tone returned to Lemon Grove, CA to reunite with The 1207 Crew.

Quick backstory: 1207 was formed by Rob's friends Spooks and Burgers in 2013 while they were in the studio. 1207 stands for LG (the 12th and seventh letters of the alphabet) aka Lemon Grove. Everyone in the crew uses lemons in their art, merch, etc. The lemon represents home.

Rob remembers the day as "a regular 1207 day, rolling through the hometown." They hit their regular hangout spots, "But it was different this time. People were coming up to us. It made it feel good, like we're doing stuff.”

The "stuff" Rob is doing is "spreading truth and happiness," but he also wants to "do more for the community." After the song "Chill Bill" blew up to 1MM+ plays on SoundCloud and resulted in a record deal, 1207 has been using their popularity to put on shows like 1207 Fest and charity events like Spooks's toy drive to give back to their local music scene and their city. But Rob believes he has more to give.

"We gotta do something for San Diego," he said. While Rob works to fulfill his mission, start at the beginning and see what a "regular 1207 day" looks like.

Top Three: Rob $tone's Best Moments

  • When kids from the local junior high were excited to see him.
  • When the entire 1207 Crew was on stage.
  • When he got to spend time with his son, Jesiah, after weeks on the road.
  • See those moments in the gallery above plus stories from Rob behind each photo, then explore each stop during the day on the map below.