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Tour Diary: ESTA

Spend a weekend in Hawaii on Chance the Rapper's tour

Written by Rosalie Cabison • Photography by Jordan Nicholson, Live Nation • January 18, 2017

Kick back and relax on a Hawaii getaway with ESTA for the last weekend of the Magnificent Coloring World Tour.

7000+ people in a sold-out arena. Two nights. One Chance the Rapper. This was not a bad start for ESTA’s first gig as an opening act. 

“I saw the whole crowd, I was tripping... I don’t like being in front of people like that." 

ESTA says it in a way that you can tell he's genuinely crowd shy, which is surprising since he performs live DJ sets regularly at events and festivals as a member of Soulection, the Los Angeles-based creative crew that has been slowly taking over the world. But it makes sense once you learn that he sees himself as a studio producer first and likes DJing as an opportunity to introduce people to new music. He might have to get used to it after impressing fans of Chance the Rapper, who was arguably the biggest artist in 2016 and one of the most positive forces in hip hop. He got to experience Chance’s set himself, his first time seeing the Chicago MC perform. 

“It was pretty damn amazing,” ESTA said. "For real, it was like church in there. It didn’t feel like a normal rap show, I feel like I left with something… the album [Coloring Book] came to life." 

The moments captured from the trip show some "regular dude" moments on tour: hair flowing freely in the wind, eating, going to soundcheck and shopping. After the weekend, ESTA sounded as relaxed as his Hawaii photos look and talked about it like it was a surreal experience. “The whole trip was crazy,” he said, "It didn’t feel like work.” 

Top Three: ESTA’s Best Moments

  • When he ate poké
  • When he rode in the truck bed around the island (it's legal in the state of Hawaii)
  • When he had the “crazy experience” of playing for a packed arena

See it all in the gallery above plus stories behind each photo, then explore ESTA’s favorite stops on the map below.