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Top 10 Songs of 2016

Santa's not the only one makin' a list

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by David Benett, Getty Images • December 13, 2016

Our data-crunching friends Big Champagne have spent all year watching the Drake, Adele, Ri-Ri and their highly qualified music-making friends ride the waves of popularity. We could make some educated guesses as to who came out on top, but they're all about attention to detail over there--they calculated the Top 20 songs of 2016 based on radio, streaming, and sales week over week. Work work work work work, indeed. Check out our gallery above to see 2016's record-breaking A-listers!

A certain masked duo managed to lock down TWO spots in the top 10. Guess who?

"In recent memory there haven’t been many alternative/rock acts that impact the mainstream like they did in the past, especially the ’90s. As 2015 closed out and 2016 dawned, this unique duo from Columbus, Ohio jammed to the front of the line and hasn’t strayed far from the top all year. They end up with two in the Top 10: Stressed Out at #8 and Heathens at #9. Stressed Out hit #1 for two weeks last winter, lingered in the Top 5, and only just fell out of the Top 50 this week (#52). Heathens grabbed #1 in August and currently resides at #12."

Head over to the Big Champagne blog to see 10 more songs that topped ALL charts in 2016 (Hi Sia! Hi M-Train!) as well as insights and even MORE 2016 Ultimate Round Ups!