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The Strumbellas Strum Through L.A.

at KROQ's Almost Acoustic

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Michael Amico, Live Nation • December 25, 2016

Canadian rock band The Strumbellas made a appearance at the annual KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas concert just in time to close out a stellar year. You can see photos of their performance in the gallery above.

The Toronto natives released their first EP back in 2009 and have recently started seeing commercial success internationally with their latest album, Hope, off Glassnote Records. Characterized by bright melodies and folksy percussion, the band has classified themselves as “folk pop grass,” carrying tunes you’d wanna hear in a nice coffee shop on a sunny day.

You’ve probably already heard their most popular single, “Spirits,” a fun, clap-along single about facing your inner demons. If you haven’t heard it or just want to get another listen, you can stream the song here:

Lead singer Simon Ward tells Forbes, “I’ve always wanted to make a song that goes on the radio and goes across the world. That was always my biggest goal as a songwriter. “But the other one that came unexpectedly was we’ve been getting hundreds of peoples sending messages to us saying that ‘Spirits’ has helped them through really hard times. Whether their brother just committed suicide or that they have post-traumatic stress disorder, whether they’re going through depression or anxiety, etc. etc. People are actually telling me that the song helped them on a personal level, that’s number one for me.”

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