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The Pretty Reckless: 25 Live Pics

Hard rock and hair flips. Who could ask for anything more?

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Debi Del Grande, Live Nation • December 7, 2016

Taylor Momsen — the former TV actress turned rock goddess — took over the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles last night with her alt rock entourage, known collectively as The Pretty Reckless. The show itself was a mix of swooning and intricate seduction brought out by the young songstress. Momsen, who was a main character on Gossip Girl and rose to fame from her role in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, has long since shed the innocence and cuteness that once made her a household name. While she commands the stage with a sensual yet mystical Steve Nicks vibe, The Pretty Reckless brings a whole new level of meaning to hard rock.

You can check out pictures from the set above!

Coming of their most recent album release Who You Selling For, the band has been taking over venues around the country with their unique shows. The album — released on October 21 — was put out on well-known rock label Razor & Tie. The band’s release is already impressing critics and fans alike. The album is made with intensity that’s hard to match. Between songs like “Oh My God,” “Take Me Down,” “Bedroom Window” and “Wild City” Momsen and co. explore their ability to play with genres, and her voice.

The songs inspire one to get off their feet to dance and sway along, but also resembles a time when rock reigned king. A new era is being ushered in, and soon we might see Momsen heeding the way for rock’n’roll to take over mainstream radio again.

Performing a majority of the new album during their 15-song set, The Pretty Reckless are consistently on the ball live, recorded, and in style. Keep an eye out for the rockers in 2017, we have a feeling this is just the beginning.