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Judah & The Lion and Jon Bellion Open the Emotional Roadshow

14 pics to keep you updated on the next obsession for the Skeleton Clique

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Jessica Pohl, Live Nation • January 23, 2017

Alright Skeleton Clique, we know you've seen our pictures from the Emotional Roadshow Part 2 tour kickoff... but have you checked out the openers yet? No? That's alright, we'll break it down for you.

First up in the evening is Big Champagne emerging artist of 2016, Jon Bellion. He's kicking off the emotional journey we embark on with his unbelievably catchy new album The Human Condition, but he's also bringing his killer single that is constantly invading your ears "All Time Low" to the table. Not to be confused with the band... although rumor has it the band's next single will be named "Jon Bellion." Friendship.

That brings us to Judah & The Lion. The jury's still out on if "the lion" refers to his gorgeous hair, but we're going to assume not. While we are quite sad about that, we're pretty stoked on Judah & The Lion as a whole. Their most recent album Folk Hop N' Roll is definitely worth the listen, as is paying attention to them on stage. You won't be disappointed.

Check out the gallery above to see the opening acts do their thing and start finding reasons to become obsessed, since we already are.