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Joshua Radin: Behind 'The Fall'

Exclusive interview + Live Pics!

Written by Kelsea Lee • Photography by Debi Del Grande, Live Nation • February 1, 2017

Joshua Radin played a show to celebrate the release of his latest album The Fall. Check out the exclusive photos above, then dive into our interview with the singer/songwriter below!

LNTV: Your album is coming up, congrats! In terms of musical style and subject matter, how has your work progressed from We Were Here in 2006 up to The Fall?

Joshua Radin: Thank you! It came out on Friday [January 27]. It's been so lovely as so many people have been leaving me comments saying how much they love the album. It's been a good weekend. I'm not really sure how I've progressed. I guess that's up to each listener to decide...

LNTV: How did you reach the decision to self-produce The Fall?

JR: Well I've worked with some great producers in the past and I've learned so much from each of them. So I felt like it was time for me to push myself and go it alone.

LNTV: What are your specific inspirations behind the album, if any?

JR: A relationship with the woman I had been with the last few years.

LNTV: What styles, artists or sounds have you been listening to lately? How did that influence you as you worked on the album?

JR: I pretty much listen to old vinyls. Sam Cooke, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young... everything I listen to somehow makes it's way into my music.

LNTV: We’ve heard a lot about your earlier days of painting and screenwriting before you went into music—how do you feel about continuing or returning to those creative outlets in the future?

JR: I'm not done with those mediums. One day I'll get back to them. When I have a bit more time.

LNTV: You write a lot about your relationships with people—are there songs you’ve written specifically about or inspired by one person? If so, has anyone recognized if a specific song/album is about them? How did that person/those people react?

JR: All my albums are about two different women pretty much. They know. I think they are happy about the way they've been represented.

LNTV: You began to self-release your albums starting in 2013 with Wax Wings. What was your intention behind that? What’s been most challenging/rewarding about self-releasing?

JR: I just don't see what record companies do anymore unless you're Beyoncé or Adele or someone like that. For non top-40 artists like myself, I've found it's better to be the only cook in the kitchen. It's been quite a ride. More work, but more rewarding.

LNTV: You’re about to go on tour in Europe this Spring—what do you look forward to about touring in places where the culture is different?

JR: I can't wait to get back to Sweden and also I've never been to Bucharest so I'm looking forward to walking around that city.

LNTV: What is one of the strangest fan encounters you’ve had while on tour or just when you were out in public?

JR: I always get a bit uncomfortable when I see people crying in the audience.

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