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Ariana, The Weeknd, Lewis Black + 15 more can't-miss concerts

Written by Ashly Nagrant • January 13, 2017

No FOMO! Get tickets, make memories.

Ariana Grande - How do you have a voice that climbs so impossibly high yet stay so grounded that your go-to hairstyle is a ponytail? We don’t know either, but we’re down to let Ariana Grande show off both live and in person anytime.

Green Day - We’re not sure what exactly plays on a Revolution Radio, but judging from Green Day’s live show it’s a seamless mixture of hits from their 30 year career. But the live show contains way more on-stage pogo-ing, which we’re definitely in favor of.

Tove Lo - “Not to be confused with Tone Loc” warns Wikipedia, in one of the most hilarious-slash-needless edits we’ve seen. This Swedish import is hard to confuse with anyone from her haunting pop melodies to her iconic style and tattoo. Come celebrate the release of her second album, Lady Wood, and be ready for some fairy dust.

Panic! at the Disco - The Death of a Bachelor never sounded quite as good as when Panic’s lead singer Brendon Urie’s syrupy, golden voice is singing its praises with the band’s touch for the melodramatic. Hurry up and get your tickets for the best funeral ever.

Maroon 5 - It takes skill to move between catchy soft-rock sounds and down right dirty lyrics all while putting on an electric and energetic stage show. But hitmakers Maroon 5 does it with such an ease that you can catch them live without any fear of whiplash.

Fitz and the Tantrums - Specializing in slick style and infectious sound, Fitz and the Tantrums can not only make your hands clap, but get you up out of your seat and moving. Check out their duds and hits live!

Coldplay - Coldplay’s sound and lyrics have always had a dream-like quality to them, but the Head Full of Dreams Tour takes it further with a dreamy stage design. And even the audience gets to be part of that dream, with the help of light-emitting wristbands that synch with every song.

Stevie Nicks - Even with a career spanning five decades and spawning career-defining hits, Stevie Nick’s magic is as strong as ever. Come experience her poetic witchcraft live, but remember you’ll have to bring your own shawl.

Twenty One Pilots - When your live performance already involves rapping faster than seems humanly possible, what other argument do you need? Twenty-One Pilots answers are a drummer who does theatrics (including backflips!), ski masks and a band philosophy about bringing people together.

Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi have been radio mainstays from their start as notorious hair rockers to their modern perfecting of rocker dad hair. So go ahead, belt all the words from the audience, we know you already know them. And if you need to air guitar a little, you’re in good company.

Andrew McMahon - These days he might be going by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, but most of this singer/songwriter’s time hasn’t been spent going into the woods to live deliberately. Instead it’s been recording and touring as part of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin before setting out on a successful solo career. While we’re responsible for the Thoreau reference here, go see McMahon’s show for music that will make you want to live deep.

Lionel Richie + Mariah Carey - That elephant in the room? Mariah’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performance. But HONESTLY, weigh one bad night against a history of hits like “Dreamlover,” “Always Be my Baby,” “Honey,” “Heartbreaker,” “Touch My Body,” and more? The result is we are still ALL IN for seeing Mariah on tour. Especially when it’s a collaboration with pop icon Lionel Richie for a tour that is going to rock you...all night long. Yes. That joke was necessary.

The Weeknd - Was he the biggest breakout star of 2016? It’s hard to argue that he wasn’t, considering The Weeknd was everywhere last year and it sounds like he’s only getting started. You’ve heard him on TV, on the radio, on YouTube, now don’t miss this chance to see him and his must-see stage show live for yourself.

Tom Petty - Tom Petty has released some of modern rock and roll’s greatest hits, including “American Girl,” “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” He may be setting out on his 40th anniversary tour with The Heartbreakers, but his jangling guitar lines and iconic voice sound just as real as they always have.

Kings of Leon - The Kings are back! The alt-rocking Followill boys are hitting the road again, this time to celebrate a brand new album. We’re not sure what “We’re All Like Love Songs” is supposed to mean, but we figure a few hours with the band might give you a better idea. Even better: play a game of “Which Kings of Leon love song are you?” Okay, okay, we know the answer is ALWAYS “Sex on Fire.”


Lewis Black - Lewis Black is infamous for his angry political comedy and, uh, passionate delivery. But we don’t know, folks, do you think there’s any reason for Lewis Black to be angry about politics right now? We’re not sure if he’ll have much to work with, what do you think?

Ali Wong - After her breakout comedy special featured her cracking jokes about being 7 months pregnant at the time, Ali Wong heads into 2017 as one of the “must-see” stand-up acts (and also much less pregnant). Her irreverent takes on live, love and pooping in public are a fresh way to get you laughing when you need it most.