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High Notes: Sleeping With Sirens 'End The Madness' Tour

20 fiery live pics + review

Written by Shelby Elizabeth • Photography by Debi Del Grande, Live Nation • November 28, 2016

If you live in LA, or watched the Sleeping With Sirens Live Stream on LNTV last night, your pop-punk heart is probably filled with so much explosive love that you're suffering from severe post-concert depression. If you didn’t see it, get the High Notes...

Tour opener Waterparks is the biggest up and comer in the scene. Made up of three adorably punk-looking boys in perpetual motion, they had a command over the crowd that was headliner-worthy. Followed up by the female-fronted, stereotype-breaking Australian band Tonight Alive, the first two bands could very well have carried the show on their own. But as these things seem to go, the bands just kept getting better as the night went on. New York pop-punkers State Champs took the stage for 45 minutes of high-energy performance, setting the tone for Sleeping With Sirens.

Fearlessly led by lead singer Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens kicked things off with my personal favorite song “Do It Now Remember Later.” My voice was gone in round 1. SWS: 1 Us: 0.

Maybe it was the fact that other rockstars were jamming along to SWS, or maybe it was their crowd who were non-stop on their feet, but there was a special vibe at The Wiltern last night as Kellin, Jack, Nick, Gabe, and Justin rocked their hearts out repeatedly. Between shooting flames and fireworks, insanely amazing graphics that included the band as zombies, singing along on the giant screen for emphasis, it turned the theater into a Guns ’N’ Roses-like rockshow production.

Tear-jerking moment of the evening: Bands like Sleeping With Sirens often attract those people who are suffering internally from things like mental illness, and last night, Kellin bravely confronted the topic. Making a speech to the fans who may be suffering from depression, anxiety, or just feeling alone, he made a promise to them citing “If I stay you stay.” SWS: 2 million. Us: 0. You can watch the video below.

After the poignant moment, the band played a few more songs before finishing out their performance with their most popular song, “If You Can’t Hang.” It could have been the production that made the room feel more like an arena than a theater, but through and through, every scene kid in the crowd--from the pit, to the balcony, to the VIPs--were dancing their butts off trying—and failing—to hit those ridiculous high notes that only Kellin Quinn can manage.

Hopefully you caught the action on our live stream, but if not, check out the setlist below, and you can read this and watch his inspiring speech over and over and over again to feel like you were there. Final Score of the evening: SWS: Infinity. Us: 0.