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Gift Guide: For Your Favorite Music Geek

Shower them with pure audio bliss

Written by Live Nation Staff • December 12, 2016

There are music lovers, and then there are straight up music freaks. If you know someone who falls into the latter category, this gift guide will help you pick out the perfect holiday gift. Audiophiles, producers and music aficionados—the world is full of gizmos and gadgets that’ll get your heart’s BPM all the way up to 100. ’Tis the season.

Studio Monitor Speakers by KRK Systems (High End vs Low End)

Speakers are a universal must-have for any avid music listener. Fire these babies up and turn your room into a nonstop party you’ll never want to leave.

ATH-M50 Headphones by Audiotechnica

We all love our music, but our neighbors may not enjoy it as much. For those in smaller living spaces, open plan offices or living a jet set life, it’s essential to have a pair of quality headphones on hand. These Audiotechnica classics are great for blocking out unwanted external noise so you can stay in the zone.

Portable Headphone Amplifier by FiiO

This thing is small, but packs a punch— for the traveling audiophile or musician, these amps will take your listening experience to the next level as you fine tune your headphones to reach optimal sonic quality.

Headphone Stand by Woo Audio

Wires, speakers, computers, oh my! Desks can get pretty cluttered when you have so much audio gear to sort through. Help your favorite wire-burdened friend clear some space up and get organized with this sweet headphone stand.

Ear Pieces by Earasers

As mentioned in our festival-goer gift guide, our ears suffer some damage when we go to shows, especially if you’re a speaker-parasite. To make sure your ears age just as gracefully as you and your friends do, it’s worth the investment to protect your little guys.

Recording Package by Native Instruments

At some point in every music geek's life comes a time you consider making your own music. For those adventurous enough — and talented enough — to give it a shot, you’ll need some equipment to get those sounds out there. Here’s a great starter pack for the ambitious folk.

Microlite USB MIDI Interface by MOTU

Another essential for those who are looking to produce their own music—this MIDI interface is crucial if you want to take the sounds from your keyboard, sound modules, effect processors and more and turn them into a unified piece of art.

DJ/Producing Mixer or Instrument by Roland For any aspiring DJ/producer, this Roland DJ-808 has everything you need all wrapped up into one. This hardware syncs with Serato DJ and offers all the necessary functions of a deck, including loops, hot cues and your standard pitch faders and EQs. On top of that, it has built-in TR drum machine functions like the snare, bass, hi-hats, and claps from the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707 and TR-606 machines.

Marshall Amplifier Mini Fridge

This amp-inspired mini fridge is one of our favorites here at LNTV. Though it doesn’t provide much musical framework to feed off of, it does do a great job completing the look of any music-oriented space, like a studio, listening space, or even your bedroom.

Personalized Guitar Pick

Made one-of-a-kind for your favorite guitarist — or anyone who just has a thing for guitars — this personalized pick will show your thoughtfulness and support for your buddy’s music endeavors.

Vinyl Display Case by Art Vinyl

You know that one friend who is obsessed with vinyl-everything? Keep that person and their collection happy with this 2-in-1 collector’s display and case. Perfect for decorating any space with your most prized finds.