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Chance the Rapper's colorful tour

7 magnificent live shots!

Written by Live Nation Staff • October 21, 2016

Chance the Rapper is getting to the final stretch of his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, and we grabbed some live shots from his show at The Fillmore in Miami Beach. This was a particularly eventful date, as Chance had to tackle a stage-rushing fan during his performance of “Sunday Candy.” Watch the shenanigans go down here.

Most of Chance’s remaining North American tour dates are SOLD OUT, but VIP packages are still available for some dates. Details here.

And is there a Grammy in Chance’s future? This past summer, the Recording Academy CHANGED THEIR RULES, making this the first year a streaming-only release is eligible for a Grammy. Coloring Book—released in May of this year—is a streaming-only album so we say: Give the man a Grammy! He even took out a simple (but also totally charming) ad in Billboard’s Grammy Preview issue. It says: “Hey, what about me?” INDEED.

Chance is really milking that adorable angle lately, and we’re not mad about it. Just last week the Chicago native appeared in a Kit Kat ad (as Chance the WRAPPER), remixing their classic “Give Me a Break” jingle… while in a cuddly bear suit.

Oh, and that “3” cap he’s wearing, well, all the time? It was on sale, but it sold out. Sorry. If your heart is still set on summoning Chance for all your upcoming Halloween festivities, there are still ways. Overalls, for instance.