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Chance the Rapper gets lei'd

The Magnificent Coloring World Tour hits Hawaii

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Jordan Nicholson, Live Nation • January 11, 2017

Chance the Rapper closed out his Magnificent Coloring World Tour in only the way Chano can. Coming straight from Obama’s Farewell Party, Chance gave the last two shows of his tour everything he had, despite such a busy schedule. Check out some exclusive shots from his Hawaiian performance in the gallery above!

It was clear the fans in Hawaii were excited for his arrival, as many of them showed up in Chance’s trademark look: bright ‘90s overalls with the Chance 3 baseball cap to round it out. Though they were dressed like him, this didn’t mean they could rap like him. According to this review, among Chance’s attempts to get the crowd to rap along to his songs, most couldn’t keep up—which isn’t surprising given how elaborate his raps are. Regardless, he has a natural knack for putting smiles on the faces of thousands with his infectious energy.

We’ve already confirmed that 2016 was Chance’s greatest year to date, and it looks like 2017 will be no less fantastic for the Chicago rap star. Though it’s hard to top his Christmas caroling to close out the year, he’s already got a running start. It’s been a mere ten days into the new year and the rapper has already conquered his first headlining shows down in Australia, a very special performance to bid farewell to Mr. President and his closing shows in Hawaii, not to mention being made a board member of Chicago’s DuSable Museum of African American History.

From leading a parade to the polls in his hometown of Chicago to rapping about issues in his songs like “Summer Friends,” Chance has proven to be a leader not only in the realm of music, but also socially and politically. He tells GQ

With the Grammy Awards coming up in a month, you know who we’re rooting for.