Twenty-One Pilots Year in Review

A Year of Weirdness, Madness and Friendship

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Kevin Winter, Getty Images • December 2, 2016

Oh Skeleton Clique… what a year we’ve had. Multiple magazine covers, platinum singles, crazy shows and television performances--our fearless leaders Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun made 2016 the year of the Skeleton. Let's review!

"Stressed Out" taking over the radio: Where it all began… “Stressed Out” quickly became the new Blink-182 “Anthem Part Two” for the generation of young adults and teenagers in the 2010s. While the song was written for Tyler’s brother, it emulates a lot of the modern day stressors young adults have faced and has been dominating radio since it took off.
stressed out

"Heathens" becoming the soundtrack Single of the Year: While “Stressed Out” has been controlling the year from start to finish, “Heathens” quickly became the year's weird kid anthem. Channeling their inner tormented comic book characters, the song was a perfect fit to be the lead single for the summer superhero blockbuster Suicide Squad.

ALL the magazine covers: Cover after cover after cover. Who didn’t want a piece of Twenty One Pilots? From scene staples like Rock Sound and Alternative Press to critically acclaimed music source Billboard, our boys have impressed everyone while very much staying the outsiders we fell in love with.
Photo Credit: Meredith Jenks, Billboard

A big feature + article in Rolling Stone: What band DOESN’T want to be featured in the most famous music magazine ever? The best part of both the article and feature? We found out Tyler and Joseph’s mom go to the same hairdresser. Forget the boys, moms FTW.
rolling stone Photo Credit: Andrew Lipovsky, Rolling Stone

Their speeches at the American Music Awards: For every one of us, this was a special moment. Accepting their first award of the night, Twenty One Pilots had only us to thank. “And to everyone else… who cares?” It’s all we needed, and all we cared about. (Sidenote: their shoutout to hard working bands was cute and made us love them THAT much more.)

The first leg of their Emotional Roadshow tour: My name’s Blurryface, and I don’t care about anything but the fact that Josh Dun gets held up by the crowd every night and does backflips. That’s all we have to say. Forever.
josh flip

Reading and Leads crowd-surfing incident: Normally we don’t like proliferating bad news, but this was definitely note-worthy as fans of TOP weren’t the gentlest when Tyler was trying to crowd surf to their backstage at Reading and Leeds. A lot went wrong, but we’re thankful he’s safe, and hoping that people learned their lesson. Be gentle, friends. They’re fragile.

Making chart history like Elvis and The Beatles: We all know that Twenty One Pilots LOVE Elvis Presley—their cover of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” is proof of that. This year, they managed a feat only ever achieved by The King of Rock and The Beatles--two singles in the top 5 at the Billboard chart at the same time, “Ride” and “Heathens.”

Saturday Night Live Performance SNL is a bucket list item for most bands. The leaders of our Skeleton Clique took on SNL with their signature grace and weirdness, as they always do. The only difference for this particular performance was the duo were sans masks - so we could CLEARLY see their excitement. Oh and, the promos were adorable. Never forget the promos.

While the two humble yet sassy boys we’ve grown to love have probably never considered themselves history-making rockstars, the numbers and honor don’t lie. Congrats Tyler and Josh, no one is more deserving of a 2016 like this than you.
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