The 9 Saddest Songs Jimmy Eat World Ever Released

The best tracks for a good cry

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Eric Tsurumoto, Live Nation • October 25, 2016

We went into the vault that is Jimmy Eat World's discography and found their saddest songs to celebrate their newest album Integrity Blues. While this album is sure to have some tear-jerkers like its predecessors, we decided to take you on a cry-worthy journey that began in the '90s.

The Most Beautiful Things - Bleed American 2001
"My song it shames your ears / Every sentence a failure."

When you think sad songs, this one doesn't automatically come to mind, but there's something about the way the lyrics fall onto the overabundance of drums that's sob-worthy. Also, lyrically it just screams "depressing." Lie to me / we'll runaway from everything is probably not the best start to a relationship, but we feel you Jimmy Eat World, we feel you.

Polaris - Futures 2004
"When you go, I'll let you be / But you're killing everything in me"

This song solidifies the fact that we honestly don't know what we want in life. Jimmy Eat World perfectly encompass the ideal that begging somebody to stay--but knowing they're going to leave--is agony. It's painful, pleading, tear-jerking, and has been haunting people who know they've lost someone for good for over a decade.

Bye Bye Love - Damage 2013
"There's so much I wish I could hold / Instead of carrying memories"

The song itself is slow enough to be a lullaby, but a bit more intense than your average ballad. The two verses are anguish enough lyrically, but it's the last almost three minutes of hearing them repeat "Bye Bye Love" as it builds intensity that truly make you want to break out the ice cream and look at photos of your ex in the dark.

Kill - Futures 2004
"Like your favorite Heatmeiser song goes / It's just like being alone"

Known to be one of their saddest songs ever, "Kill" keeps the theme (bad relationships and letting go of them) on Futures alive much like "Polaris" has. While the former song was about being the one at fault, "Kill" is more about being the one who got screwed. The lyrics play a bit more on angry than sad, but it's the music behind it that really sets the somber tone, almost as if the writer gave up the anger and just accepted the sad fact that this person was going to hurt them no matter what and it's time to just let go. It's a song you'll need an entire mini-packet of tissues for.

I Will Steal You Back - Damage 2013
"I only pick a fight I'm sure to lose / So how can I not hold my hope for you"

It's the most upbeat of their sad songs, it's poppy vibe inspiring you to rock out with a smile until you realize that the lyrics are totally heart-wrenching. Maybe it's the expressed determination even though he knows the likelihood of stealing said partner back is not great, or maybe it's the way they've tricked us into thinking this is going to have any type of resolution that makes the water from our eyes flow. Either way, it makes the list for it's treachery.

Lucky Denver Mint - Clarity 1999
"You're not bigger than this, not better / Why can't you learn?"

Clarity is widely renowned as one of the band's most inspirational albums. Not many of it's songs could have made this list, but "Lucky Denver Mint" is truly an exception. While this song doesn't scream SAD SONG lyrically or musically, it's message really gets you. The poppy beat and the way they are continuously reminding people that they aren't bigger or better than what they are right now makes the song vengefully sad. Again, they border on angry, but it's the tone of giving up that really drives the sadness home.

23 - Futures 2004
"No one else will have me like you do / No one else will have me, only you"

This has the feel and the emotion of a classic sad song. The 7-minute exploration is drenched with the sadness of what could be, but what won't be and it's vocals are more haunting than it's words. It's one of those songs that lead you into silent sadness, no tears required, reminding you perpetual loneliness exists.

Disintegration - Stay On My Side Tonight 2005
"I wonder why I'm so caught off guard when we kiss. I'd rather live my life in regret then do this."

Perhaps the longest and most depressing song to exist in the Jimmy Eat World discography, "Disintegration" feels like the follow up to both "Kill" and "Polaris" where he didn't take his own advice and stayed in a very toxic relationship. "Disintegration" makes the list for being the only sad song that also preaches insanity as a coping mechanism, forcing you to deal with the pain over and over and over and over.

Hear You Me - Bleed American 2001
"So what would you think of me now, so lucky, so strong, so proud? I never said thank you for that,now I'll never have a chance."

What is possibly the saddest song of all time was released 15 years ago this year. "Hear You Me" has been a song that people often forget is by Jimmy Eat World, but never leaves anyone untouched. Whether you sobbed to the song as Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray kissed in the rain at the end of A Cinderella Story in 2004, or have your own woeful vignette, "Hear You Me" has been a go-to song for a good cry for a decade and a half. We'd describe the song, but we're getting choked up just talking about it, and listening would have a much better effect.