Watch Spoon Reveal Their 'Hot Thoughts' On 'Kimmel'

Spoon show off the title track of their upcoming record.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Ollie Millington/Getty Images • March 9, 2017

Spoon took to the Jimmy Kimmel Live concert series on Wednesday night to bust out their new track, "Hot Thoughts," from their upcoming album of the same name.

The five-piece started off only with Britt Daniel singing "Hot thoughts all in my mind, all of the time," over a quiet cymbal beat and a steady synth note. But over the course of the song, they busted out every guitar possible... and a tambourine (Spoon really know how to get the party started). The track is kind of sexy too. Kimmel's studio was filled with Spoon fans too, as varying degrees of screaming popped through the band's sonic space from the audience. 

Hot Thoughts is out March 17 via Matador Records. Catch Spoon on the road here.