Pre-Inauguration Concert Round-Up

Highlights from Solange, Run The Jewels +more

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Eric Tsurumoto, Live Nation • January 20, 2017

Yesterday was filled with music, love, acceptance and... preparation. As we saw Obama leaving the White House and proceedings begin for a new era, many artists were out yesterday spreading messages of peace, hope and unity at multiple events.

We’ve put together a few of the highlights for you to enjoy.

The National Debut New Song
The National, who have been extremely vocal in their efforts to protect Planned Parenthood, debuted a new song for concert goers last night at their protest ball. While they usually have that mellow melancholy feel, the song “Turtleneck” hits pretty hard for the chilled out indie rockers. Watch it below!

Run The Jewel’s Bring Out Rage Against The Machine’s Zach de la Rocha

And because it wouldn’t be a Run The Jewels show without their politically charged messages, last night the duo decided to completely up their game, bringing out punk rocker, self-proclaimed feminist, LGBTQ activist and Rage Against the Machine lead singer Zach de la Rocha. Throughout the night, Killer Mike was even more vocal than usual on the mic.

According to Consequence of Sound Killer Mike said, “No matter who won, the day after tomorrow, this is our mother-fucking country I don’t give a fuck who is president. This is our country. And what we will keep this republic going on is truth, honesty, integrity, love, and democracy.”

You can watch RTJ and de la Rocha kill their performances below!

Solange Performs at Peace Ball
In the midst of all the performances, last night Solange brought class by using the performance to "celebrate the accomplishments and the successes of the past four years" with the “alternative celebration” according to Idolator.

#cranesInTheSky #solange #peaceball 2017 is starting off right

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ANDDD because other protest highlights are still rolling in, we want to make sure that you’re aware of some other awesome things that came out today.

Shia LeBouf’s Live Stream
Social consciousness awakener extraordinaire Shia LeBouf has launched a livestream protest that will run the entirety of the four years. Jaden Smith stood in front of the camera repeating “He will not divide us” for over three hours leading people in singing along with the chant. Note: he’s still there.

People are welcome to come up to the camera at any time throughout the four years and speak “He will not divide us” into the camera.

Joey Bada$$ Premieres New Song
And finally in the wake of the new presidential administration, Joey Bada$$ premieres his new single of his sophomore album AABA, “Land of the Free.”

Enjoy some free listening today, and re-watch the wonderful performances from last night, and hey if you’re interested see how long Jaden Smith will stand for.