Nine Inch Nails Get Creepy On 'Twin Peaks'

Watch Trent Reznor and company go goth with 'She's Gone Away.'

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Jason Koerner, One Nation • June 26, 2017

Nine Inch Nails and David Lynch have a tight working relationship -- NIN soundtracked the 1997 film Lost Highway, while Lynch directed their 2013 video for "Came Back Haunted" -- and on Sunday (June 25), they came together again for a creepy partnership.

The band were featured on Lynch's Twin Peaks revival with a performance of the appropriate "She's Gone Away." They set up on the stage at the Bang Bang Bar, with dim, psychedelic lights twisting over the all-black-wearing crew. Trent Reznor, in sunglasses, crooned out the song with a mysterious manner, as his bandmates nonchalantly thumbed through a collection of swampy notes. For those not familiar with NIN, it's a tad chilling, but oh-so fitting for the pscyhodrama.

The revamp of the show has been featuring real-life bands in their Bang Bang Bar in the past few weeks. So far, The Chromatics, Au Revoir Simone, the Cactus Blossoms, Trouble and Sharon Van Etten have appeared, while Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder is rumored to be an upcoming guest.

Nine Inch Nails are set to play a bunch of festivals this summer, including Los Angeles' FYF Fest and New York's Panorama -- these are their first shows since 2014. Get tickets for Nine Inch Nails shows here.