New Artist Spotlight: Drew Baldridge

Written by Live Nation Staff • January 18, 2017

Newcomer Drew Baldridge has been performing from an early age, getting his start in front of derby crowds and at school talent shows. The Patoka, Illinois native grew up playing baseball and basketball, but would also sing the National Anthem at all of his games. “The high school I went to was too small for a band, but no one thought anything of me being a jock and a singer. I used any and every outlet I could to share my passion with others,” Baldridge says. 

As a teenager, he knew music was important to him, so he joined a quartet at church singing bass, while his father sang tenor. It wasn’t long before Baldridge began playing acoustic gigs on the weekend at a local bar — it was during this time he started to craft his style and a unique sound of his own.


“It made perfect sense to become a country artist. I like to tell stories, and singing about where I come from. Alabama’s ‘Born Country’ was the first country song I fell in love with. We played that cassette over and over. The song rang true to me because my grandpa’s childhood home was just down the road, where the house that his father built by hand still stands,“ Baldrige shares on his Facebook page. These days, Baldridge is pulling from all of his musical influences and rural Midwest upbringing to release a collection of songs that perfectly represents who he is and where he comes from. Dirt on Us is available now, and features his latest single, “Rebound” — a ballad with songwriter Emily Weisband that continues to gain great momentum at country radio.

“I moved to Nashville at 19,” Baldridge explains on his website. “It’s taken me all five of the years since then to make this album. I didn’t just go in and cut everything. It was two or three years of writing, recording the best of what I wrote, taking the best of that, going back in and doing it all over again. I wanted to take the time I needed to experiment and see where it all led me. I wanted to create music that was different from your everyday country music.” If the recent radio success of “ Rebound” is any indication of hard work paying off, then it’s safe to say Baldridge’s instincts are right on. We can’t wait to see what else is to come from him in 2017!

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