Watch Miley Cyrus And Jimmy Fallon Busk In The Subway In Disguise

No one is really fooled.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Neil Lupin/Getty Images • June 15, 2017

Miley Cyrus isn't the most undercover person, usually. As someone who's taken on many shapes and forms, with many costumes and get-ups, there's rarely a look that Cyrus hasn't morphed into. That why, when she and Jimmy Fallon decided to put on disguises and busk in the New York City subway, they were recognized almost immediately.

The "Malibu" singer and Fallon hopped down to the subway station right underneath Rockefeller Center to perform Dolly Parton's classic "Jolene." And as fans caught on to Cyrus' signature twangy voice, the duo shed their wigs and revealed their identity for "Party in the U.S.A." The final song was a huge singalong among all types of New Yorkers. Watch below:

Also while on the show, Miley performed her two new songs, "Malibu" and "Inspired":

She also sat down for an interview, explaining why she stopped smoking weed and her first time in the subway (which was for the above busking sketch):

Cyrus also played this fun Google Translate game: