Linkin Park Dedicate 'One More Light' Performance To Chris Cornell

Chester Bennington screams out the heartbreaking track for the late Soundgarden singer.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Debi Del Grande, Live Nation • May 19, 2017

Linkin Park is celebrating it's album release day today, but on Thursday night, things were more somber. The Cali rockers visit Jimmy Kimmel Live! to play fans some of their new tracks, and they cracked open the show with a heartfelt tribute to late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell.

"We were going to come out and play 'Heavy' first, but in light of our dear friend Chris Cornell passing away, we decided to play 'One More Light' in honor of him," singer Chester Bennington said as the band took the stage. "We love you, Chris."

"One More Light," the title track off their latest album, is a slow, ethereal ballad that has Bennington yearning about the importance of life: "Who cares when someone's time runs out? / If a moment is all we are / We're quicker, quicker / Who cares if one more light goes out? / Well, I do."

After the hearfelt track, Linkin Park transitioned into "Heavy":

Linkin Park recently played "Heavy" in the New York City subway, when they surprised commuters with a pop-up performance. You can see LP for yourself if you grab tickets to their upcoming concert tour on