Lil Wayne's 10 Best Dance Moves

The rapper has been known to show off a move or two.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Getty Images • May 5, 2017

Lil Wayne finds the simple joys in life, like taking the stage for the first time when he's on tour, beaming a huge smile to his fans as he chants his opening line, "I would not be shit without you."

Except Lil Wayne is not like everyone else -- he's the greatest rapper in the world according to friend Nicki Minaj And he's currently playing shows on his Kloser 2 U Tour. Get tickets for that here.

Wayne has been rapping longer than some twentysomethings have been alive, and yet, when he steps on stage, it still looks like he's having the best time ever. To honor the hip-hop royalty's history playing shows and connecting with fans, we're digging through Lil Wayne's best dance moves. Time to go to class:

The Abdominal Bounce

When you have great abs and great tattoos adorning them, you gotta show them off -- even if you're in the middle of the 2012 VMAs. If you want to emulate this move, stick your tongue out, forget about all your worries, and just lift up that shirt.

The Feelin' Good

Hell, if I had a nice car and a big bottle of champagne, I'd been dancing around too. In this move, Weezy grabs hold of his champagne, throwing his other arm out in front and letting his hips swing freely. That's the life.

The Ring Finger Blitz

Got enough rings on your fingers to be Phoebe Buffay? Try out this move: nod your head "no" while covering your face with your blinged up fingers. You'll put everything on display.

The Idle Groove

Wayne's Idle Groove move is perfect for when you're at a concert and you're not in the mood to dance. By bopping around ever-so lightly, you can move with the music without going ham.

The Ecstatic Skip

Lil Wayne's elation is never hidden. When this rapper is happy, you'll know it. Take, for example, when he talked to two pretty girls and skipped away with the giddiness of a school kid.

The Toot Toot

When Wayne lets the music take over his body, he starts bounding all around the stage. Even for some slower jams, you can see him raising his mic and doing a little "toot toot" in the air.

The... Uh, I Don't Actually Know What This Is

When you're Lil Wayne, you're Lil Wayne. What can I say? And when you're Lil Wayne, you don't have to explain to people what your dance moves are.

The Puff Puff Play

If you have anything special between those rolling papers (or even if you don't -- I don't know your life), you're probably feeling cool. So do as Weezy does and bounce around, being the carefree, happy self that you are.

The Wacky Whirlwind

Regardless of whether you have Big Sean behind you, The Wacky Whirlwind is quite easy to do. Just act as bewildered as possible, toss your arms in the air and pick a sick beat to get down with.

The Cash Machine

We'll end on the best possible Weezy dance move: The Cash Machine. To achieve this move, you must first have thousands of dollars. Secondly, you must place the bills in the palm. Thirdly, scrap those dollar bills like you are the King of Rap. Fourthly, pick up the dollar bills (not shown).