Father's Day Ticket Gift Guide 2017!

The gift of live music can never be bested.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Patrick R. Murphy • June 15, 2017

So you've let Father's Day slip through your calendary cracks this year and you've just realized it's Sunday, June18? No worries! If you still need to get a gift for dad or you want to be the best, most awesome kid in the world this dad's day, look no further. With concert tickets, all you have to do is buy them online and print 'em out right at your computer. (You can literally do it at the very last minute).

If you need some help picking out with show your dad would like to see, take your choosing from the below tours, which are kicking off in a few months. There's something here for every kind of dad. You're welcome, now get to it!

Chris Stapleton

Dates: Now - November 18 • Get tickets

If your dad is a rustic dude with a heart for country, but the grit for something that's not just country-tinged pop, get him tickets to see Chris Stapleton. He won a Grammy for Best Country Album in 2016, and followed that up with From a Room: Volume 1 this spring. Everyone's talking about his new songs, so it's best to get your dad in on the conversation.

Bruno Mars

Dates: July 15 - November 11 • Get tickets

Bruno Mars has, like, 85 dates assigned to his upcoming world tour, so there's NO excuse why you can't see him. With "24K Magic" currently one of the boppiest bops that ever bopped and "Uptown Funk" a new classic, you know your father can't deny the magic that is Mr. Mars. If you get him tickets for Father's Day, maybe include a plus one...

Miranda Lambert

Dates: Now - October 7 • Get tickets

Is your dad bummed he missed Country Queen Miranda Lambert the first time she came around on her Highway Vagabond Tour? Well, lucky for him, you can surprise him with her tickets. That's right -- Lambert is vagabonding even longer, and there are plenty of fresh venues to see her in.

Guns N' Roses

Dates: July 27 - November 25 • Get tickets

Do you have a rock lovin' pops? One that likes to crank the volume when a good song comes on the radio? Take him to see Guns N' Roses. You can both get out some pent-up energy while bonding over music. Plus, Guns N' Roses is one of the best bands to see right now, since this special reunion lineup is in full effect.


Dates: August 1 - October 8 • Get tickets

It may seem as though Coldplay just toured North America on their Head Full of Dreams Tour. That's true. But they're coming around for a second round. So, whether you have a Coldplay-obsessed father, who can't see enough of them, or if you have a casual Coldplay-appreciating father, who loves live music, you should definitely catch Chris Martin and co. this time around. It's a colorful and happy party.


Dates: June 16 - November 17 • Get tickets

With Alt-J's fresh new album out, there are a few more dark and misty pop tracks for the British outfit to take on the road. If your dad is a bit more sophisticated in his rock and pop tastes, try out Alt-J tickets for Father's Day.

Grizzly Bear

Dates: October 5 - December 13 • Get tickets

Your indie-loving father will love to go see Grizzly Bear in person. The band, quite responsible for his favorite jams, will be touring around the world this fall in support of their upcoming album, Painted Ruins. The dates are limited, so don't wait on getting tickets.

The Classic

Dates: July 15-16 and July 29-30 • Get tickets

Can't decide on a show to take your dad to? The Classic is visiting New York and Los Angeles and is basically six legendary shows on one ticket. The two-day event has locked in Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan and Earth, Wind & Fire. Where else are you going to see these classic bands all together in one stadium?

Fall Out Boy

Dates: October 20 - November 18 • Get tickets

Fall Out Boy have quickly become one of those bands that new dads have followed since they were kids until now. With the pop-punk-turned-arena-pleasers going on tour to support their M A  N   I    A album, they rockers are sure to bring a crazy show to every arena they grace -- silly Patrick Stump storytelling included.

Paul McCartney

Dates: July 5 - October 5 • Get tickets

Every dad loves The Beatles. That's just common fact. So there's no way you could go wrong if you gift your father with tickets to Paul McCartney's upcoming shows. He plays all his hits, so it'd be a really fun father/daughter/son date. There's no family outing that's going to beat the singalongs that ensue at a McCartney gig -- that's for sure.

Kendrick Lamar

Dates: July 12 - August 9 • Get tickets

Kendrick Lamar is riding high on his new DAMN. album, and you should be too. If you and your dad like to bond over a little Kendrick, then this concert is for you. Plus, Travis Scott and D.R.A.M. are opening up this show, so there's a lot to take in.

Janet Jackson

Dates: September 7 - December 17 • Get tickets

There's a pretty good chance that your dad had a crush on Janet Jackson at some time in his life. I mean -- who wouldn't? The dancing, the hits, the inimitable swag! Indulge your dad with tickets to The State of the World Tour this fall, when Jackson will take her covetable dance moves and songs like "That's the Way Love Goes" and "Nasty" to the stage.


Dates: Now - July 15 • Get tickets

Journey and Asia have teamed up for a joint tour that'll serve up heavy doses of nostalgia for your dad and his friends. If you're feeling kind, get him a few plus ones, so that he can explore the days when Journey's power ballads soared over everything and times were a little more carefree.

J. Cole

Dates: Now - August 20 • Get tickets

J. Cole will leave you with a tear in your eye after listening to his 4 Your Eyez Only, so if your dad enjoys getting a little sensitive, he can see the rapper with the huge following on his 4 Your Eyez Only Tour, which will run until the end of the summer. Or, if you're feeling up for an adventure with your dad, take him to the Made in the America festival in September, which features J. Cole as one of its headliners (along with Jay-Z, who everyone should see at least once in their life).


Dates: Now - August 16 • Get tickets

Got a metalhead dad? Then you've got to catch Metallica on the end of their WorldWired Tour. The legendary rockers are playing their most recent acclaimed album, along with all your favorites, like "Unforgiven" and "Master of Puppets," so if your dad just needs to rage a little, these tickets will be the key to a good time.

Katy Perry

Dates: September 7 - February 5 • Get tickets

Perhaps your dad sometimes feels like a plastic bag drifting through the wind. If you secretly catch him fist pumping his arm out the window of his minivan when Katy Perry comes on the radio, these tickets might help him embrace his love for Perry's sugary sweet pop.

Roger Waters

Dates: Now - October • Get tickets

Roger Waters recently kicked off his new Us + Them show, his first non-album-themed show since the hugely popular The Wall shows spanned three years. But this one features the singers from Lucius and some unmistakable visual art. Who wouldn't want to see the Pink Floyd singer dish out some favorites and get political?

Willie Nelson Outlaw Music Festival Tour

Dates: July 1 - September 17 • Get tickets

The Willie Nelson-curated Outlaw Music Festival is going on tour! So now, you don't have to travel to see your favorite alt-country acts. This is the perfect gift because not only is Willie himself on the lineup, but The Avett Brothers, Margo Price, Sheryl Crow, Eric Church, My Morning Jacket and more are on the bill. Check the link above to see which group of bands are coming to the town closest to you!

Linkin Park

Dates: July 22 - October 27 • Get tickets

Perhaps you and your dad really have a thing for Linkin Park. If you share a love for the same band, you best go see them together. Live music is better experienced together, and you'll have those memories forever. Try out Linkin Park if you're both craving early aughts rock while keeping up with the new stuff.

Imagine Dragons

Dates: September 26 - November 16 • Get tickets

Imagine Dragons has an appeal that reaches wider than one generation. Their hard-stomping rock can let edgier fans indulge in something rowdier, while their pop melodies have everyone else singing along. With new album, Evolve, on the way, the band have a bevy of new tunes to play you, so get your tickets before someone else scoops them up.