13 Things To Expect At A Lady Gaga Concert

From pasties to shocking vocals, Lady Gaga is an entertainer for the ages.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Getty Images • July 5, 2017

Thinking about seeing Lady Gaga this summer on the Joanne World Tour? You're in for a wild ride. If this is your first time seeing Mother Monster live, we've got a whole list of things you can expect from her show.

If you've seen Gaga before, then, you know what's up. So why not buy tickets right now?

From glitter to inspirational speeches to impressive vocals, here's what you can expect when you go to a Lady Gaga show.

Onstage costume changes

Unlike every other arist, Gaga doesn't waste time by going off stage to change her outfits. She does everything right there under the spotlight. It's as if she doesn't want to leave her audience for too long -- all eyes must be on her. Above, you can see the outfit change in action multiple times when she performed "Applause" live at the 2013 VMAs. She goes from wearing an all-white gown to a body suit to nothing but a sea shell bikini. Her outfit switcheroos also include a change in wigs, as well. It's all part of the show. (Catch another example from her artRAVE here.)

Connecting with fans

Lady Gaga knows that her fans relate to her creativity and love, and she never overlooks that they shot her to fame. There are plenty of moments throughout her show where she shows her gratitude to those who support her, but there are even more special moments where she actually brings them onstage. In the past, Gaga has danced with fans, sung with them, chatted with them and more. Here, she invites a little boy to sit on her lap as she plays piano and sings "Hair." Maybe you could be the lucky one to play with Gaga!?

Elaborate pianos

From this bubble piano to a checkboard piano to piano covered in flowers, you'll never catch Gaga playing ordinary keys. There's always something designer about the instruments she plays, and this one from 2009 is a good example of the level of drama you'll get on tour.

Fire, most likely

Speaking of elaborate pianos, this one had flames shooting out of it. Gaga's been known to start stuff on fire onstage. If you're easily won over by pyrotechnics, Gaga will have your heart. There's all of that and more -- fire, glitter, effective lighting, etc.

A tearful ballad

Gaga doesn't always plan on crying at her concerts -- and maybe you won't either -- but she's often overcome with emotion. Live shows are just as personal for the artist as they are for the fans, and even Gaga, who's been in the game for a while, gets overwhelmed by the massiveness of it all. Here, you can see Gaga choking up in the intro to her ARTPOP song "Gypsy." Later, you can hear her say, "You make me so happy. I love you." Most of the time, her tears are born from joy.

Vocals, served on a platter

While Gaga proved herself a long time ago as one of the best vocalists of our generation, it's still surprising every time you hear her. The singer seems to serve her vocals on a silver platter, giving her fans the finest performance -- regardless of where she is. With her beginnings as a wacky pop star, she's had to remind the public that she's truly a theater kid with hearty pipes. Her powerful performance of "Til It Happens To You" at the 2016 Academy Awards is the perfect example of what Gaga can do with her voice.

An empowering speech

Lady Gaga is constantly preaching self-acceptance because if she didn't believe in herself, she'd never be where she is now. At every show, you'll find Gaga waxing poetic about her come-up, and how others have a chance at success as well. In this particular speech, she says that she supports everyone in the audience. And hey, it's pretty cool when you get an ego boost from Lady Gaga.

Really, really tall shoes

Although she might not be wearing the foot-hight pointe shoes like she did in the above performance of "Marry The Night" on Ellen, Gaga still craves some height. We're currently in the Western-influenced, gritty Joanne area, so we wouldn't be surprised if there were some black, leather high heels involved with the upcoming tour. And if her love for Alexander McQueen is still as rampant as it was before, she might be towering over everyone, despite her small stature.

An adorned keytar

You've never seen someone love playing a keytar as much as Lady Gaga loves playing keytar. Every show, without fail, she whips out the freaky instrument and tinkles out something wild. The above solo has her going for a metal vibe on an extremely decked out keytar.

That pink hat

Lady Gaga's entire Joanne era has been marked by her baby pink wide-brimmed hat. She's worn it during interviews, at her dive bar shows and on the street. We don't see why she wouldn't wear it on her Joanne World Tour!

Multiple personalities

Lady Gaga has multiple versions of Lady Gaga. There's the "Just Dance" era, the pointy cheekboned era of "Born This Way," the goth queen of "Bad Romance," the artist's muse of "Applause," and of course, there's Jo Calderone. Remember him? Gaga's alter ego came out at the 2011 VMAs, and he was never seen again... except maybe he'll return and come for Joanne. You can never be sure with Gaga.

Artsy visuals

Gaga is a performance artist in her truest form, and she'll do anything to get a rise out of her audience. While she's gone for a more demure appearance in recent months than she did at the start of her career, she's still entertaining us at all times. The video component of her show has the same eye-catching effect, and it might even make you queasy if you have a low tolerance for gross stuff. In her intro video from Coachella, Gaga is shown on screen with a muscly tentacle stuck in her mouth. Expect more of this weirdness on tour.

Uncontrollable dancing

Despite all the fancy visuals and the left-of-center theatrics, when it comes down to it, Lady Gaga's music is just plain fun. Not only can you sing along to it, but you'll have the freedom at her concerts to get out of your seat and dance like crazy. In fact, if you don't, she'll probably jump off stage and make you dance. Or maybe she'll invite you on stage, and all your studying of her choreography will pay off.