9 Hints of What to Expect on John Mayer's 2017 Tour

Mayer's been giving fans a preview of what's to come when The Search For Everything Tour starts March 31.

Written by Emilee Lindner • March 15, 2017

On March 31, John Mayer will embark on The Search for Everything Tour in support of his seventh album—of which he's previewed eight tracks with two Wave EPs. And this isn't like any other tour he's done before. As he makes his way across North America, Mayer will be incorporating elements of his full band set-up, his solo acoustic performances and his John Mayer trio jams. If you're excited for the tour, JM seems even more pumped. In the past few weeks the guitarist has been posting sneak-peek snippets to his Instagram account, giving us a tiny taste of what to expect when he hits the road.

Grab your tickets if you haven't already and let's check out these concert clues:

1. The Equipment

With his new track "Still Feel Like Your Man" playing, Mayer flaunted his tour gear in this flick. In the clip, you can see cases with his John Mayer Trio logo printed on it. Another has an outline of his sophomore album, Heavier Things, hinting at two major throwbacks from more than 10 years ago. His well-worn Fender Stratocaster sits front and center.

2. Some Record Scratching

Who knew you could have a turntable duel without the turntable? Mayer and guitarist Isaiah Sharkey demonstrated the technique in this Instagram vid, with Trio drummer Steve Jordan providing the back beat. We could definitely see more of this on tour.


Guitar-as-turntable duel with @sharkey335. 💥

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3. Some Funk

There's going to be a lot going on at these concerts—soul, americana, blues, pop—but while in rehearsals, Mayer posted dished up some funk with a hot pink guitar that may or may not make the shows.


(The other) MJ Monday.

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4. The Set List

If you're not one to peep the set list before the show, scroll right past this. In a promotional video, Mayer plays bits and pieces of the songs we might hear at his show, like "Why Georgia," "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room," "Vultures," "Belief," "No Such Thing" and "Daughters."

5. His Guitar Collection

It wouldn't be a stretch to predict at least six guitars for this tour. Mayer's a huge nerd for the instrument, and even has his own brand of Statocasters. This one's the Jimi Hendrix Monterey Pop Stratocaster.


Yah it's really groovy

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6. The EDM?

Honestly, with all the genres JM has tackled in the past, we wouldn't be surprised if he experimented with something new onstage. After all, he's mastered the jam with Dead & Company, why not take that PLUR revolution to a more electronic sound?


Live EDM 🍭

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7. It'll whisk your problems away

Being the part-time comedian he is, Mayer played the role of a 70-year-old version of himself in a promo vid, pressuring fans to imagine the life of regret they'd feel if they didn't buy tickets. According to him, The Search for Everything Tour is about "Having a wonderful night where you forgot about your problems, made the most of your youth."



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8. Calling All Sound Peeps

Here's a snapshot of the amplification situation Mayer's concocting. "This is the tone I've been looking for. Thank you @prsguitars. We have liftoff," he wrote.


This is the tone I've been looking for. Thank you @prsguitars. We have liftoff.

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9. Mind-Melting Finger Work

Sure, Mayer might have overcaffiented when he recorded this incredible guitar run, but we highly doubt he'll hold back on showing off this level of skill throughout his shows.