John Mayer Debuts 'Love on the Weekend' Live on Jimmy Fallon

The singer performs his first single in three years

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Kayla Merrill, One Nation • December 7, 2016

Just two weeks ago, John Mayer came out with his first single in three years, “Love on the Weekend.” The “Gravity” singer performed the song last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, backed by a four-piece band and two backup vocalists. Strumming effortlessly on his Fender Strat, Mayer sings with his signature soft croon that makes us all wish we were the object of his affection.

“Love on the Weekend” brings back elements of Mayer’s earlier work, with rhythmic soft rock roots and acoustic harmonies, still including a touch of his later incorporated bluesy folk-rock style. Check out the performance right here:

Mayer's solo album isn’t the only thing the seven-time Grammy Award-winning musician has been busy with—since early 2015 Mayer has been working and performing with former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, altogether making up the cross-generational Dead and Company. The band has just announced a tour for the summer of 2017.

The singer told MSNBC he was taking a break from working on his “deeply personal album” to make way for his time with the Dead crew, but it seems its time has finally come. In a live fan Q&A via Facebook, Mayer announced, “Next year is a year of more music coming than I’ve ever put out in one year.” Upon also announcing his upcoming album, The Search for Everything, the singer shares, “That's really sort of what my career has been, it's what my life has been, it's the way that my mind works -- it sort of consumes everything. That is very true to the nature of the record, which is sort of like a mixtape of all the music that inspires me and all the styles that I've made before, but certainly in my own certain way of doing it.”

For more information on Mayer’s tour as part of Dead and Company, you can visit their official site here.