High Notes: scHoolboy q

"Love won't get you high as this / Drugs won't get you high as this / Fame won't get you high as this..."

Written by Rosalie Cabison • Photography by Tim Mosenfelder, Getty Images • December 6, 2016

“Bring up that little homie right here,” ScHoolboy Q said as he pulled a young fan up on stage in Los Angeles for this stop on the Blankface World Tour. Q wrapped the kid under his arm and yelled into the mic, “Come out here Kendrick!”

Like a caged beast, Kendrick Lamar charged out to join ScHoolboy and Jay Rock (a third TDE family member who was already on stage after doing two songs with Q) for “Levitate” off Lamar’s untitled. unmastered.:

Love won't get you high as this / Drugs won't get you high as this / Fame won't get you high as this...

The crowd’s enthusiasm was already at a peak from an hour of music dipping into the “Man of the Year” MC’s catalog, but a wave of energy pulsed through the building—front to back, floor to balcony—and multiplied exponentially with each chant of the song’s hook.

Levitate! Levitate! Levitate!

A call to action, as well as a demand. Bodies jumped in time with the beat, check the fan shot clip below:

This moment, like the rest of the show, was a gift to Q’s hometown fans. Through the spectrum of older songs like “Blessed" and crowd-pleasing new hits like “tHat part,” Q showed appreciation for the city’s role in his career and the city gave it right back to him.

Stray observations: - So. Many. Mosh pits. - There is nothing like going to a hip hop show and being able to feel the bass rattle through your chest. - ScHoolboy Q stopped the show for a second to catch his breath, which resulted in this priceless moment:

What’s the ONE THING? ScHoolboy Q’s music is just so good. Whether you’re fighting for your spot (life?) in the third row mosh pit, kicking it on the balcony or seeking out space to dance in the back, the Blankface rapper WILL move you. How you move is totally up to you.