Harry Styles' Funniest Onstage Moments

From getting fans to kiss to carrying babies around, Harry knows how to work a crowd.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Jason Merritt/Getty Images • April 18, 2017

Harry Styles may just be embarking on his solo career now, with the release of his new "Sign of the Times" single and an impending album, but the kid has plenty of previous experience on stage with his One Direction bandmates. The group had four headlining arena tours over a span of five years. And with more time spent in concert than in their own beds, they could pretty much call the stage their home.

From borrowing fans' hats to twirling around bras to munching on a banana mid-song, Harry is one of the most comfortable performers when it comes to interacting with the crowd. Check out his funnest tour moments below:

When He Corrected A Fan's Grammar

Harry has no patience for poor grammar, so when a fan held up a sign that read "Hi Harry Your So Nice," that had to be rectified. Styles took the banner, borrowed a pen from someone else, and scrawled in an apostrophe and an "E" to make it grammatically correct.

When He Picked Up A Baby

A mom in the crowd offered up her son Cameron to One Direction, and Harry jumped at the chance to bring up headphoned kid onstage. When given the microphone, the baby declared that it was his birthday. While they called him "Eric" the whole time, it was still adorable.

When He Got Pantsed

Poor Harry didn't deserve to get pantsed mid-concert, but he took the mishap in stride as he continued singing while trying to hike his trousers back up.

When He Twerked

Even though One Direction were strictly against choreographed dance moves, everyone who ever saw a 1D concert knows that Harry loves to dance. You'll often find him shaking his hips or doing some quirky robot move. In this instance, he treated fans to some butt bouncing.

When He Told A Joke

When a fan tossed a joke book on stage, Harry decided to pick out a funny one-liner to tell. "Knock, knock," he began. "Who's there?" the arena shouted back at him. "Lettuce," he said. Pre-empting his punchline, everyone yelled "Lettuce in!" before Styles got a chance to deliver it. Let's just say Harry is a singer, not a comedian.

When He Ate A Banana

Hey, when you're touring the world for pretty much five years straight, you don't get much time for yourself. Therefore, Harry took his meals onstage. (There's a whole compilation video of One Direction just eating onstage, if you're interested.)

When He Caught A Bra

Styles has been hit with a bra more times that he can count on his fingers, but despite his more nonchalant reactions from later in his 1D touring career, this earlier clip has him completely taken aback as he jumps in fright.

When He Walked Into Fire

Harry's 1D bandmate Zayn rescued Harry from walking into the pyrotechnics onstage. And that wasn't the first time he had trouble with fire -- he's been known to walk super close to the stage's special effects.

When He Tried To Start A Kiss Cam

Harry only ever wants to spread the love, so at one show, he started pointing at couples and asking them to kiss. As extra incentive, he offered up one of Niall Horan's guitar picks, and asked the cameras to single out love birds. It, uh, kind of worked.

When He Took Someone's Hat

Even though Harry claims that the weather during this show was 95 degrees, he took a fan's hat anyway and placed it atop his sweaty head, only to give it back to the screaming fan.

When He Texted A Fan's Dad

When a fan threw her phone on stage, Harry picked it up and started texting the last contact -- her dad -- while the rest of his bandmates sang "Little Things." "Show's going well so far. This is Harry texting from your daughter's phone. That sounds weird. Hope she enjoyed the show. All the love. H .xxx," he wrote.

When He Caught A Glow Stick With One Hand

Styles got hit with many, many objects while on tour with One Direction -- glow sticks being a more frequent one. But whether it be bras or flowers or glowsticks (or a shoe), he tried to catch those U.F.O.s before they landed anywhere painful. Here he is pulling off a skillful catch.

When He Called Out His Friend

After he did a vocal exercise with the crowd, he called out his old school friend and told the story about how he got his girlfriend stolen by him when he was 14. He asked fans to give him a few jabs on the way out for revenge.

When He Caught A Dad Listening To Other Music

Harry called out a chaperone for having headphones in. Perhaps he was listening to a podcast, perhaps he was listening to a completely different album. All we wonder is how he could hear anything over the screams.

When He Tried To Talk To Chad

Who's Chad? We'll never know the truth.