The 6 Longest Lines At Gov Ball & What They Were For

We check out the things that were worth the wait at Governors Ball.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Sachyn Mital • June 5, 2017

Ah, music festivals. The live tunes, the freedom to bound about, the abundance of libations and artisan snacks! With these events, you can expect companies doling out free stuff and people waiting with anticipation for giveaways. With three-day passes sold out for Governors Ball 2017, Randall's Island was packed this weekend (June 2-4) and between sets, we thought we'd check out the more interesting non-music things the fest has to offer. So, as they say, we followed the crowd. Here's what people were digging, if long lines are to be believed:

Free Subway

Subway at Governors Ball

You better believe we stood in this line. Subway was giving away free sandwiches, Vitamin Water and fancy pickles. At 12:30 and 5:30 each day, the company posted up inside their pop-up Subway shop to sling their turkey and bacon wraps, Italian heros and red pepper hummus wraps. You could see sandwich artists (do they still call them that?) toiling away to make the fresh giveaways. There was also free water, shade and a DJ inside, so the Subway line was definitely one of the longest.

Dat Dō Tho

Governors Ball line

In the early months of 2017, several videos started circulating around Facebook about this new place that opened up in New York City that served scoops of cookie dough on a cone like ice cream. That place was Dō, and they scooped out their own spot on the Infatuation-curated food lineup this year at Governors Ball. And just like there's a line at their store in Greenwich Village, there was a line at Gov Ball, with everyone looking hungrily at those who finally triumphed when they walked away with their cone of sprinkled dough.

John's Juice

Gov Ball line

Oh my juiceness, was this line long! All over the festivals, young music lovers were frolicking about with their John's Juices. What makes them so special were the containers the juice was in -- real pineapples, watermelon and coconuts! With a juice that looks especially good on Instagram, tastes great and is biodegradable, why wouldn't you wait for it?

 Fish Ice Cream!

Gov Ball line

If you've been following food trends, you know that waffle ice cream is in and all other ice cream is out. Why would you eat your ice cream in a regular cone or cup when you can have it oozing into a hot, freshly made waffle? Taiyaki NYC takes the spin on the waffle ice cream craze and pours the waffle batter into a fish-shaped mold. When the waffle is baked and ice cream is inserted, it looks like a little fishy is eating the ice cream. Hence, why everyone at Gov Ball HAD to have one.

Tacos From A Truck

Gov Ball line

Taco trucks are a staple in any city, but the one at Gov Ball was extra cute. Tacombi took their little goldenrod Volkswagon camper can for a ride at the fest, parking in the middle of the Best Kept Secret 21+ area to sell their tacos. There were black bean and sweet potato tacos, carnitas tacos and chicken, and people were lining up across the grassy tree grove to get a taste.

More Waffles

Wafels and Dinges NYC Gov Ball

Near the main stage on Friday, festivalgoers lined up for Lorde, packing in tight to get a glance at the witchy pop star. But nearby, they were also lining up for the Wafels & Dinges truck, which peddled warm, sticky, sweet waffles with delicious dinges (Belgian for toppings) like Nutella, dulce de leche, spekuloos, maple syrup and more. There's ice cream too! This treat was the perfect night cap for a heavy day of dancing and good fuel for the grooving that Lorde was about to induce. (Read our review of her jubilant show here.)

(lead photo by Sachyn Mital; photos in the article by Emilee Lindner)