EDC Las Vegas: 11 Essential Things To Know Before You Go

Electric Daisy Carnival is coming to Las Vegas this weekend, so be prepared and learn where you can watch online.

Written by Emilee Lindner • Photography by Getty Images • June 14, 2017

Perhaps you're an EDC veteran. Perhaps you're a newbie. Either way, it always pays off to learn more about the history of music at the festival. Since its start in the early 1990s, Electric Daisy Carnival has grown into many different variations. With thousands of EDC fans funneling into Las Vegas this weekend (June 16-18, ticket info here), we've gathered up some key facts about the event -- whether or not you're a dance music pro.

Las Vegas is Home

Sin City has been the home of EDC since 2011. It was actually founded in California in the '90s, but has since gone to Vegas for its flagship event.

Many, Many EDCs

There have been 13 iterations of Electric Daisy Carnival, with spin-offs in New York, Puerto Rico, Orlando, Mexico and more.

More Than Music


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Sure, music is the reason you're there, but there's much more to be entertained by at the fest. There's carnival rides (fitting, right?), art installations and costumed charcters walking around the grounds (like the ones in the pic above).

You Can Get Married There

Can you believe it? For a few years now, EDC has hosted weddings at the EDC Chapel. Dozens of couples have tied the knot there. You have to sign up for a time slot ahead of time (so much for marrying a stranger), so if you missed this year, start planning for 2018.

The Trailer is Wild

If you want a taste of what to expect from EDC, Insomniac Events creates a trailer for the festival every year. This time around, music-lovers got a look at the beauty of unity and the uplifting, carefree experience of electronic music.

You Can Stream it Live

Yep, even if you're not attending the giant Vegas party, you can still watch it online. Redbull TV is streaming the whole thing right here.

The Stages Are Awesome


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Each year, EDC tries to top itself with its main stage. In the past, the themes have spanned from a giant owl, a temple, a mushroom fairy land -- each one massive and elaborate. Check them out for yourself.

On Your Mark, Get Set...

EDC is being held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this year, allowing maximum space for dancing.

EDC Doesn't Name Headliners


... and the most important Headliner of all, YOU! 🎉 🙌 #EDCLV2017

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When EDC announces its lineup, you won't see a ranking of DJs based on popularity. Instead, EDC names YOU the "headliners" and names all the artists in alphabetical order.

Zedd, Afrojack, Marshmello, Hardwell and more...

That being said, there is a TON of talent lined up for EDC. Legendary acts like Above & Beyond will perform, along with fresh faces. You can see everyone from 3LAU to Zedd to Rezz to Axwell /\ Ingrosso!