Chuck Berry: Musicians Pay Tribute to the Rock 'n' Roll Legend

Springsteen called the late Berry “the greatest pure rock ’n’ roll writer who ever lived.”

Written by Jessica Letkemann • Photography by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images • March 19, 2017

When news that rock pioneer and legend Chuck Berry had died at the age of 90 spread yesterday (March 18), musicians around the world were quick to pay tribute to the man whose hits (among them classics like “Johnny B. Goode” and “Maybelline”) and signature guitar style influenced everyone from the Rolling Stones and the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen, the Jacksons and pop culture in general (even Back To The Future wouldn’t be the same without him). 

In fact, after word that the 90-year-old icon, born Charles Edward Anderson Berry Sr. in 1926, had passed away after being found unresponsive by police in his Missouri home, Springsteen, the  Stones and the Jacksons were among those who were quick to post messages of how much his music meant to them.

Many other musicians (and even NASA) have also posted tributes to Berry in the hours since his passing.