BABYMETAL To Open for Guns N' Roses on Japanese Tour

Metalheads rejoice!

Written by Live Nation Staff • Photography by Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images • December 2, 2016

You’re reading it right… everybody’s favorite Japanese Idol band, Babymetal, is opening up for Guns N' Roses this upcoming January.

BABYMETAL are the perfect opener for the newly reunited Slash and Axl Rose led-project on their Japanese leg of the Not In This Lifetime Tour. Never in this lifetime did we think Japanese Idol and Metal would combine to be the greatest and cutest musical combination out there, but it works—we don’t ask questions, we’re just thankful.

Guns N’ Roses have been making waves all year--from their massive performance at Coachella that had Slash and Axl performing together for the first time in 20 years to their World Tour, the band has been a nonstop generator of amazing live music in 2016.

While they appreciate some good rock ’n’ roll moves, the men of Guns N’ Roses haven’t been naive to what’s gone on in the world around us. The other night in Mexico the band invited fans on stage to smack around a Donald Trump shaped piñata. While we can’t show you the video because it has since been made private, reports say there wasn’t much left of the President Elect on the piñata to recognize. The crowd -according to Stereogum- looked upon their peers whacking away at the piñata and shouted “puto!”

Leave it to Guns N’ Roses to stage the second best rock n’ roll protest to Trump’s election. We’re still comprehending Billie Joe and Green Day going rogue at the AMA’s by chanting “No Trump, no KKK, no facist USA!” during their performance of their new hit single “Bang Bang.”

We hear you, rockstars, we hear you.

Be sure to check out BABYMETAL and Guns N’ Roses on tour this January in Japan… if you live there, or if you can afford a flight. We’re saving up.

Tour Dates: 1/21 - Osaka @ Kyocera Dome
1/22 - Kobe @ World Memorial Hall
1/25 - Yokohama @ Yokohama Arena
1/29 - Tokyo @ Saitama Super Arena