8 Sweet Duets for Valentine’s Day

Because some of the best music comes in pairs.

Written by Kelsea Lee • February 14, 2017

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve gathered up some of the best duets from over the years for those who love to celebrate love.

Ariana Grande & John Legend - “Beauty and the Beast” (2017)

Though this movie hasn’t come out yet, we’re all on board with this modern version of “Beauty and the Beast.” Ariana’s pitch perfect vocals and John Legend’s full voice breathe life into the classic Disney ballad.

Elton John & Kiki Dee - "Don’t Go Breaking My Heart" (1976)

Elton John’s sixth number one single in the U.S., this song brought a 70s feel to a sweet story of boy meets girl. A classic tune, the singalong-friendly duet has pop at its very core.

Usher & Alicia Keys - "My Boo" (2004)

A truly memorable R&B duet, “My Boo” plays out a reminiscent dialogue between an ex-couple. As Alicia and Usher sing about the days they were together (in the song, at least), they admit they’ll always be each other’s boo… because how can anyone forget their first kiss?

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran - "Everything Has Changed" (2012)

“Everything Has Changed” was part of the pivotal album Red in Swift’s transition from country to pop. Her voice pairs perfectly with Sheeran’s soft, folk sound. Swift says the song is about “the feeling of when you first meet someone and all of a sudden the way that the world looks to you changes.” Who knows who you’ll say “hello” to this Valentine’s Day?

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough" (1967)

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can keep the lovers in this song from getting back to each other’s arms. This upbeat gem, written by Ashford and Simpson no less, is a classic of the Motown sound, and no list of love song duets would be complete without it.

Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks - "No Air" (2008)

“No Air” is one of those special singles that gets even better over time. Hearing it now takes us back to when it first came out a almost decade ago. It’s impossible to listen without feeling some of the complicated feelings from your angsty teenage years.

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers - "Islands In The Stream" (1983)

Country legends singing a moving love duet written by the Bee Gees? Yes, please. This iconic song, about love being like a force of nature, dropped towards the beginning of the 80s pop revolution, but it has always sounded timeless.

Mariah Carey & Miguel - "#Beautiful" (2013)

When you put two beloved voices in R&B/pop together, you’re bound to end up with something #beautiful. Coming off of Mariah Carey’s 13th studio album, Miguel adds his warm, retro touch to create a summery pop anthem that sounds perfect in the cold of winter.