5 Awesome Panic! At the Disco Performances

Watch some of Brendon Urie and co.'s best moments on stage.

Written by Shelby Elizabeth • February 24, 2017

Panic! at the Disco's 2017 Death of a Bachelor tour has just kicked off, and we cannot wait to see what Brendon Urie and co. bring to the table on this run. It reminds us just how high they’ve already set the bar. Check out these five live highlights from PATD’s career:

1. You have to check out this unbelievable October 2016 performance of “L.A. Devotee” on Good Morning America. Brendon’s range is insane, but what’s more impressive than his high-pitched vocals are his seductive low ones. 

2.  How about the haunting 2013 acoustic version of “This is Gospel” in Billboard's studio? It kills you in the great kind of way that only Brendon Urie can manage. 

3. Let’s go to 2014 when Brendon Urie had everyone swooning at the APMAs with his  medley of Frank Sinatra songs. Fronting the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, Urie crooned “Luck Be a Lady” and “Fly Me To The Moon.”

4. Urie and Ellen are always an irresistible duo. In February 2016, Panic!’s performance of “Victorious” not only blew Ellen and her audience away, but reminded us all of why Urie is magnetic in front of a microphone, backflips and all.

5. Brendon even had the Roots behind him as he performed “Death of a Bachelor” on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon about a month before the 2017 Grammys. 

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(Brendon Urie photo above by Getty Images)